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With Probioshere Leading the way:  A Superpower Fungi makes a meal of Plastics

When Dubai World Expo opened in October 2021, this magnificent city was already planning a global gathering of nations that would exceed expectations as 192 countries set up pavilions dedicated to finding solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. 

Dubai, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, is well known as the shopping capital of the Middle East and is a magnet for tourists, sun seekers and global business. While Dubai guards its Islamic roots zealously the city remains a truly multinational city – bursting with the best and the brightest- and a haven for all diverse nationalities.  

As planners worked their way through the pandemic, the theme for World Expo was conceived around a blueprint for a clean, green innovation-driven human centric city.

But challenges emerged early on as the Dubai Ports Authority encountered toxic contaminants in the man- made harbour at Jebel Ali.

Fish were dying. And a biologically unbalanced, malodorous, and unhealthy environment ensued as World Expo was about to begin.

The Dubai World Port Authority put out tenders for experts in water remediation.  After a global search for pioneering expertise in the field, attention centered on one of the top contenders, Probiosphere.

Just what contaminant was killing the fish? Probiosphere was invited to analyze the pollutants in the harbour.  The enemy was formidable, but common to observers of our marine life around the world.


Figure 1 Probiosphere team meets with Dubai Ports Authority officials during one of their visits in the harbour.

Plastic molecules leaking into the harbour were doing incalculable damage.

With their reputation for providing solutions, and  with product and technology matching those solutions the Quebec based company produced a team that provided the DWPA with counsel that would oxygenate the water along with the application of 100% ecological natural enzymes.

EnZ Mike, a new technology providing super oxide along with a powerful enzymes mix is produced by one of Probiosphere’s innovative partner labs at St Pascal Quebec. It was recommended to be a unique solution in reversing the toxic tide of plastic that was killing the marine life and leading to the environmental degradation of the harbour. 

Remarkably, it would seal off the pollution choking life. And bring back the fish to their natural marine habitat.

In fact, the versatile fungi enzymes are now the subject of global research as science has shown their unique ability to decompose pollutants and recycle nutrients.

Probiosphere is a world leader in the struggle against wastewater and marine pollution. And that’s important.  That struggle is huge, taxing the most ingenious minds in science and research. 

But victory is at hand. And optimism is turning the corner.  But who would have thought a lot of this has to do with the over 13 million fungal species.

Ancient fungi DNA regulate all chemical processes and are the superpower catalyst of all living things. Think of how they destroy toxins in your liver and keep our digestive systems functioning. And how they decompose organic matter and deliver the nutrients plants need for growth. 

This remarkable friend of all living beings has already been used to remove toxic sludge from beaches and E. coli from sewage. 

But the application of the correct enzymes can make all the difference in fast tracking our approaches to plastic pollution – by far the biggest waste issue of our time.  Cling film and bottles, food container s and plastic bags are only a few of the pollutants that are not adequately recycled and are difficult to biodegrade. 

In fact, scientists estimate that over 109 million tons of plastics choke our  rivers and a further 30 million tons of marine plastic debris contaminate our oceans, injuring and killing fish, seabirds, and marine mammals.

But there is an answer and it comes from nature. It comes from the versatile fungi that coat the wood chips coming from Canada’s forests. Ancient friends of all mankind which can and will gobble up the menacing contaminates clogging our ecosystems.  

And in doing so will help make toxic harbors and marine waters a thing of the past. Providing answers to some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

That is the vision and the mission of Probiosphere, winner of one of the world’s most innovative companies as seen in Business Worldwide Magazine, 2021. 

 Sustainable leadership when the world needs it most.

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